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After the South Park Elementary Asian community creates yaoi art, Wendy Testaberger gives a cultural presentation on it — said presentation being art of Craig and Tweek in poses ranging from innocent to explicit. This shocks everyone, not least Tweek and Craig, who find that everyone they meet now assumes they're in love. This includes the adults of the town, who are thrilled to have a young gay couple in their midst. All of South Park are so in love with their own open-minded tolerance that Craig and Tweek's protests that they're not together fall on deaf ears. Eventually, Craig suggests to Tweek that they 'come out' and then publicly break up to stop the rumors, but Tweek acts his part so well that he gets everyone's sympathy, leaving Craig to face the scorn of the town. In a subplot, Cartman sends Cupid-Me to put Tweek and Craig back together for fear one of them will try to get with him unaware that his cupid self has a thing for him.

Tweek x Craig

Totally Not Gay. — Craig what would you do if tweek got pregnent and

His pick-and-choose acceptance is heightened by the fact that he barely interacts with Craig in the episode. Craig suggests to Tweek that they stage a breakup at school to put an end to the fanart. Thomas alone reacts to the news with smug pleasure, though seeing Craig return home miserable shakes his relief. The memetic quotation has been referenced across media and by plenty of folks who never saw the movie. While Craig and Tweek clear the air in the backyard, Thomas watches from the window. Everyone was so proud of you.

Craig x Tweek

To make the town and their parents happy, Tweek and Craig pretend to be a couple, and the sun shines once again. Tweek and Craig are plagued with the school rumor mill that they are gay. The boys are both freaked out by the rumors and decide to take action to put a stop to it.
Born Tweek Tweak, he haphazardly blasts foes from a distance with the forces of nature. Although he had a past relationship with Super Craig, the two are on a break following Wonder Tweek's defection to the Freedom Pals. Wonder Tweek wears a dark blue shirt with a circular white 'WT' logo, which stands for 'Wonder Tweek'. He also wears light brown gloves and a dark blue headband with his name printed on it in red letters.
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