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Notes from the Dispatch-Box of John H. Watson MD

Paperback edition

Kindle edition

Another discovery from the vaults of Cox and Co., the old London bank which had forwarded the Deed Box of John H Watson to the author last year. The Dispatch Box contains all manner of illuminating documents about Messrs. Holmes and Watson. Of particular interest are what the author refers to as The Affair of the Vatican Cameos, the Reigate Poisoning Case, and a document apparently written by the man Holmes himself called 'the fourth smartest man in London', John Clay.

The Affair of the Vatican Cameos

More than a theft, the disappearance of these priceless works of art from the British Museum could spark a constitutional crisis if Holmes cannot solve the case.

The Reigate Poisoning Case

Where all the evidence points in one direction, but Holmes establishes the innocence of the prime suspect.

The History of John Augustus Edward Clay, As Told by Himself

The extraordinary self-penned history of the infamous architect of the Red-Headed League, as presented to Dr. Watson, together with Watson's notes and commentary.