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Sherlockian Jottings (The "Index")

As you will no doubt remember, Sherlock Holmes maintained a scrapbook of all that interested him. I likewise intend to keep such a record, but I fear it will be by no means as complete as that of Mr. Holmes. These items chiefly relate to those interesting snippets of information that I have discovered in the boxes presented to me.

Holmes, Sherlock; Religion of

For a variety of reasons, I believe that Sherlock Holmes was raised as a Catholic, and possibly attended Stonyhurst College, where he was taught by Jesuits. However, his rational mind rejected the metaphysical teachings of the Church, while retaining the logical patterns of thought in which it had been trained. There is evidence to support this supposition in the Affair of the Vatican Cameos, as well as that of the Paradol Chamber, both of which have been chronicled in papers discovered in the deed box and dispatch-box.

Martial arts; Baritsu

There are those who insist that baritsu, the art by which James Moriarty was bested in that final terrible struggle above the Reichenbach Falls, was a mishearing of Dr. Watson's literary agent, Arthur Conan Doyle, and was apparently meant to read bartitsu. Such people fail to take into account Holmes' eclectic knowledge of many esoteric arts and skills. I have good reason to believe that Holmes encountered a practitioner of this little-known art on his trip to Odessa, where he was summoned in the case of the Trepoff Murder (an adventure discovered in the deed box).

Martial arts; Fencing

Did Sherlock Holmes ever carry a swordstick? There is no mention within the canon of his having done so, though it would seem to have been prudent for him to adopt such a course of action on several occasions. I was lucky enough to have discovered a reference in Colonel Warburton's Madness to his use of such a weapon.

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