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Sherlock Ferret & The Missing Necklace

Paperback edition

Kindle edition


Some of Andy's sketches for the characters

A Sherlock for Children

Hugh Ashton and Andy Boerger have got together to produce a delightful Sherlock Holmes book for children. While keeping the general tone and flavor of the original Canon, to the extent that the book has received approval from the Conan Doyle Estate, Sherlock and his friends become a ferret, a mouse and a rhinoceros (though he is not a very big one).

The drawings throughout the book perfectly match the tale of adventure, whether they be of Sherlock Ferret playing the violin, or the villainous Moriarty or Sebastian (and you will have to buy the book to find out what sort of beast they are). And don't miss the "cappertillers", as Watson refers to them.

The Missing Necklace

Miss Leticia Rabbit leaves her gold necklace on the grass outside her house one evening. When she gets up in the morning, it is gone!

To help her get it back, she asks Sherlock Ferret, who lives with his well-whiskered friend Watson Mouse MD (a Doctor of Mousology) in rooms under Mrs. Hudson's baker's shop.

Sherlock and Watson, and their friend Lestrade, who is a rhinoceros (even though he is not a very big one) set out to find the necklace for her, meeting other interesting and nefarious characters as they do so.

The Ferret Site

Sherlock Ferret now has his own Web site. And he even has his own music and video!