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The Deed Box of John H. Watson MD

Hardcover edition

This volume is available in printed format only.

These tales represent the shorter pieces (excluding The Darlington Substitution) discovered in the deed box. All have appeared in the three previous "Deed Box" collections, except The Trepoff Murder, which first appeared as a serial on the Web, and then as a standalone ebook.

The adventures should be of interest to students of Sherlock Holmes, including those which Watson never even mentions in the canon, shedding as they do new light on the character and methods of the great detective. The interior of the book has been designed to mimic as far as possible the typography and orthography of the Strand Magazine. 360 6"x9" pages reproduced in the style of the original canonical adventures, and bound together as a hardcover volume, together with a foreword by John Paul Catton.

Hugh Ashton has been described in reviews as writing "as if channeling Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself", and the tales told by him "could have been easily included in the original works". Sherlock Holmes fans, old and new, have discovered the delights contained in these accounts of Holmes' and Watson's world of fogs, hansom cabs, and dark doings in old-time London. We trust that old friends of Sherlock Holmes, as well as those who are climbing the 17 steps of 221B Baker-street for the first time, will enjoy these tales.

Cases in this volume:

The Bradfield Push

A story of low deeds in high society. Watson loses his watch and his heart.

The Odessa Business

Revealing a new member of the Holmes family.

The Missing Matchbox

Sherlock Holmes encounters a remarkable worm, unknown to science.

The Case of the Cormorant

Holmes is persuaded to take a holiday—with unexpected results.

Colonel Warburton's Madness

An ex-Indian Army officer starts behaving strangely—why?

The Paradol Chamber

A sealed room, a dead man, and a smashed statue.

The Giant Rat of Sumatra

In which Holmes and Watson take to the high seas with the Royal Navy.

The Conk-Singleton Forgery

Which, unless Holmes can solve the case, could wreck the economy of the United Kingdom.

The Enfield Rope

Sherlock Holmes comes up against problems in the highest of high society.

The Strange Case of James Phillimore

Who steps into his house to fetch his umbrella—and is never seen again.

The Trepoff Murder

Holmes travels alone to Russia, and finds himself in the middle of deadly intrigues.