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The Results of the Competition

The competition to win the signed copies of Without my Boswell is now over.

Thank you to all who took part - it was most gratifying to see the interest.

There was only one lucky winner who managed to identify all of the pictures correctly and match them to the correct adventures: Tracy Hightower. Well done, Tracy! A copy of the book will be on its way to you as soon as possible.

However, I promised five prizes, and since there was only one correct entry... I put the names of those with three correct answers into my deerstalker (there was no-one with four) and pulled out four names:

  • Amy Evans
  • Dean Brown
  • Varsha Ramann
  • B. G. Tunnicliffe

You will all be receiving a free copy of the ebook.

More about the book here on its own page.

And here are the answers:

The Abominable Wife

“Even the closed door was not sufficient to mask
the screeches and shouts, often accompanied by
the sounds of crashes and breaking crockery.”

Vamberry the Wine Merchant

“…one night as we sat quietly sipping a fine old brandy ;
a gift, he told me, from a certain European family
of international renown, the head of which he had
recently assisted in a matter of great delicacy.”

The Tarleton Murders

“He raised his head, his eyes still closed, and I saw his
face was set in a rigid mask, with his fists clenching
and unclenching convulsively, as he doubtless
relived that awful scene in his mind.”

The Singular Affair of the Aluminium Crutch

“I had just closed up my shop, and I was walking towards
my home nearby, when almost the same thing happened
again. This time, it was three men, rather than two.”

The Adventure of the Two Bottles

“I could not help but remark that the children ran to
her arms as readily as they did to those of their aunt,
and her attitude towards them was all that any observer
of the domestic scene could wish to encounter.”


Once again, thank you to all who took part. Even if you didn't win, I hope that you will find the book interesting enough to read some time.