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Further Notes from the Dispatch-box of John H. Watson MD



About the book

The second box ("the dispatch-box") to be discovered in the vaults of Cox & Co. of Charing Cross has been the source of even more discoveries concerning the celebrated detective Sherlock Holmes.

This collection includes a Foreword from consulting Sherlockian Dr. Philip C. Eyster, who writes, "I had only read a few pages of his initial story, when I knew that Mr. Ashton has not only the skill but also the deep-felt desire to faithfully add to the canon the same Sherlock as came from the pen of Author Conan Doyle over 100 years ago".

Included in this volume are four tales, all referenced in the canonical originally published adventures:

The Abernetty Horror

A bloody crime in a Welsh fishing village points to one seemingly obvious answer. Holmes brings his reasoning powers to bear on the parsley and butter to discover the true solution (mentioned in The Six Napoleons).

The Finsbury House

"The shocking affair of the Dutch steamship Friesland, that so nearly cost us both our lives." (The Norwood Builder)

The Curious Affair of the Archdeacon

Mentioned in passing at the beginning of the Red Circle, this case is more light-hearted than many of Holmes' adventures.

An Account of the Victor Lynch Forgery

An account of an early case of Sherlock Holmes, related not by Watson, but by Inspector Lestrade, in the form of a letter to the good doctor, following the events at Meiringen. Mentioned in both Study in Scarlet and the Sussex Vampire.