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New Homes for Sherlock's Adventures

Not just one, but two boxes containing papers that once belonged to Dr. John Watson, faithful friend and biographer of Sherlock Holmes, have been discovered in the vaults of the bank that took over the business of Cox & Co. These have proved to be a gold-mine for Sherlockians worldwide.

The boxes, with their contents, were sent to Hugh Ashton in Japan, who has examined the papers within, and edited and prepared for publication some of the adventures he discovered.

These adventures have been published by Inknbeans Press, and are now available from purveyors of fine literature worldwide.

Click on the book covers below and the "Books" menu bar at the top of each page provide links to details of the volumes discovered and edited so far.


Tales from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD

Three original adventures: The Odessa Business, The Mystery of the Missing Matchbox and The Case of the Cormorant

More from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD

Three more: The Case of Colonel Warburton's Madness, The Mystery of the Paradol Chamber and The Giant Rat of Sumatra

Secrets from the Deed Box of John H. Watson MD

Four in this volume: The Conk-Singleton Forgery Case, The Strange Case of James Phillimore, The Enfield Rope and The Bradfield Push

The Darlington Substitution

Sherlock Holmes must solve an ancient mystery to catch a very modern criminal, who comes close to outwitting him.

The Trepoff Murder

Sherlock Holmes is called to Odessa to solve the mystery of a murdered Russian diplomat (e-book only).

The Deed Box of John H. Watson MD

Tales, More and Secrets from the Deed Box, all in one handsome hardcover volume, together with the Trepoff Murder. Illustrated.

Notes from the Dispatch-Box of John H. Watson MD

Three adventures from the "new" box: The Case of the Vastican Cameos, The Reigate Poisoning Case, and an account of his life and deeds by John Clay, master criminal, and described by Holmes as "the fourth smartest man in London".

Further Notes from the Dispatch-Box of John H. Watson MD

Sherlock Holmes investigates The Abernetty Horror, The Finsbury House, The Curious Case of the Archdeacon, and Inspector Lestrade tells of The Lynch Forgery, an early case. All of these are mentioned by Watson in the Canon.

The Reigate Poisoning Case: Concluded

Amazingly, Sherlock Holmes caught the wrong criminal! However, Watson records the successful conclusion in this account here.

The Death of Cardinal Tosca

A Prince of the Church is murdered. But who did it? And how? And why? Sherlock Holmes must discover the answers to these questions.

Without my Boswell

Five tales of Sherlock Holmes before he met Dr. Watson: The Tarleton Murders, The Vamberry Case, The Affair of the Aluminium Crutch, The Abominable Wife, and The Adventure of the Two Bottles.

The Last Notes

Three tales remaining at the bottom of the dispatch-box: The Russian Bear, The Hand of Glory and The Disappearing Spoon.

Sherlock Ferret - the world's cutest detective

Sherlock Ferret

Sherlock Ferret is the world's cutest detective. Together with his friends Watson Mouse, and Lestrade, who is a rhinoceros (although he is not a very big one), he works as a consulting detective. You can find out more about his adventures on his very own Web site here.

The First Box ("The Deed Box")

It was initially assumed that this box (discovered at the end of 2011) was the that referred to in Thor Bridge, but some of the documents mentioned in that tale were not present there. Though many adventures of the great detective were discovered (forming three volumes of shorter stories, and one full-length novel), Ashton was convinced that there were more treasures in store.

The Second Box ("The Dispatch-Box")

This box, corresponding more closely to the Thor Bridge description than the first, was discovered about a year after the "deed box". Preliminary investigations have so far been encouraging, and the first volume of adventures from this box has already been published.

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