The untold and unpublished stories of Sherlock Holmes have fascinated readers since the first days when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, acting as the literary agent for Doctor John H. Watson, published the first stories of the famous sleuth.

Now, not just one, but two boxes containing papers that once belonged to Dr. John Watson, faithful friend and biographer of Sherlock Holmes, have been discovered in the vaults of the bank that took over the business of Cox & Co. These have proved to be a gold-mine for Sherlockians worldwide.

The boxes, with their contents, were sent to Hugh Ashton in Japan, who has examined the papers within, and edited and prepared for publication some of the adventures he discovered.

In addition to these two boxes, a stack of papers (which are here referred to as “Wave 3”) has been discovered.

These adventures have been published by Inknbeans Press, and are now available from purveyors of fine literature worldwide. They have been acclaimed as being some of the most authentic pastiches of Sherlock Holmes adventures which have yet been published.

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Grateful acknowledgment to Conan Doyle Estate Ltd. for permission to use the Sherlock Holmes characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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